Wine List

Italian White Wines

175ml Glass / Bottle

House selection – II Saporito Garganega Chardonnay IGT 2008 Cielo (Veneto)
This wine is dry, crisp acidity, easy drinking


Soave Classico DOC 2009 Tedeschi (Veneto)
Classic dry wine from Veneto with hint of Almonds & good weight


Pinot Grigio Capito 2009 Sacchetto (Veneto)
Dry & clean with good acidity, A refreshing Finish


Orvietto DOC 2009 Podere Vaglie (Umbria)
The Dry Version of this wine, Clean & Medium. Bodied in style


Verdicchio Classico DOC Anfora 2009 Garofoli (Marche)
Pale yellow with a delicate and lingering aroma. Dry, fresh, nicely acidic with good fruit and a subtle, bitter aftertaste


Chardonnay Malvasia 2009Terre Di Sava Salento
An elegant, medium weight Chardonnay with Some richness yet retaining freshness


Frascati Superiore DOC Fontana Candida (Santa Teresa)
Well rounded wine with a surprisingly flavoursome palate. Reminiscent of spring flower, citrus & apple


Grillo Dinari Del Duca IGT 2008 (Sicilia)
Quite complex wine with good structure. From the island of Sicily & the Pellegrino house


T Bianco Dolomiti IGT 2009 Tramin Alto Adige
High in northern Italy, Immense freshness. Clean & mineral, beautiful wine


Falanghina Beneventano IGT 2009 (Campania)
A superb wine from Campania, 100%. Falanghina grape,dry white wine with. Mineral & fruity bouquet of dried apricots, Ripe peaches, honey & wild flowers


Sauvignon “Blanc Fumat” DOC 2008 Collio
A serious sauvignon from collio, great dry. Sauvignon with crisp acidity & elegance

Rosé Wines

175ml Glass / Bottle

Pinot Grigio Venezie IGT Blush 2009 (Veneto)
A new exciting wine, from pinot Grigio grapes. Slightiy off dry in style, clean & refreshing, Very easy drinking style


Pinot Rosa Frizzante IGT N/V (Veneto)
Lightly sparkling dry wine, pale in colour with An enticing aroma of red berries


Costa Di Nugola Rosé (tuscan)2008
100% Merlot, brilliant deep pink with Ruby highlights, rich full nose of tropical fruit & full bodied with a tangy acidity



125ml Glass / Bottle

Prosecco (Italy)
Traditional Italian Aperitif



125ml Glass / Bottle

House Champagne BRUT

Moutard Rosé BRUT

Moet & Chandon

Bollinger Special Cuvee nv

Laurent Perrier Pink

Dom Perignon 1999

Fine Cellar White Wines


Pinot Grigio Collio 2008 (Friuli)
A well-balanced, dry white wine with a full bouquet and refined and elegant flavours with a lingering aftertaste


Gavi Di Commune Di Gavi DOCG 2009 (Piemonte)
In colour the wine is straw yellow with greenish reflections. The nose is delicate with hints of golden apples, while the flavour is fresh and dry


Greco Di Tufo DOCG 2008 De Falco (Campania)
Clean & crisp, yet with good concentration, from Grapes grown in the shadow of Vesuvius


Fine Cellar Red Wines

Barbera D’Alba Pelissero DOC 2002
A purplish ruby red in colour, this wine has a fresh bouquet of currants and fruits of the wood. It has a pleasant, robust flavour; it is lively and full bodied with an appealing overtone


Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano Riserva DOCG 2003 Carpineto (Toscana)
Wonderful complex wine with good age, soft berry fruits, Gentle tannins & well structured


Garda Rosso “Fabio Contato” DOC 2006 (Lombardi)
Left to mature for 24 months in French oak barriques with a further 6 month maturing period in the bottle. Deep ruby red in colour, this wine is fruity and well structured with individual character and has a pleasant and harmonious flavour


Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC 2005 - (Veneto)
This wine ages in oak baroque’s, is intense ruby red in colour with a powerful and characteristic bouquet. It is full bodied, rich and robust with a smooth and velvety flavour


Ripa Delle More IGT Super Tuscan 2005
A fine supper Tuscan wine, 60% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet, 10% Merlot aged in oak barrels for 24 months, this supper wine has a full body and smooth lingering feeling


Barolo Riserva DOCG 2000 Costa di Bussia(Piemonte)
Another big and powerful wine from the nebbiolo grape With enormous structure & great concentration of flavours


Stella Artois


San Miguel




Spirits (25ml)

Scotch (Bells Whisky)

Gin (Gordons)

Vodka (Smirnoff)

Smirnoff Blue


Jack Daniels


Absolut Vodka

Makers Mark (Bourbon)


Mineral Water

Mineral Water (75cl)


Soft Drinks


Coca Cola (original 33cl bottle)

Freshly squeezed orange juice


Italian Red Wines

175ml Glass / Bottle

House selection – II Saporito Merlot Raboso IGT 2008 Cielo (Veneto)
Soft ripe berry fruit with mellow tannins


Nero D’Avola Syrah Fiorile IGT 2008 (Sicilia)
A popular blend with some spice coming from Syrah, quite a smooth wine


Sangiovese Di Toscana IGT 2008 Bonacchi
The grape of Chianti in a softer style with ripe Brambly fruit & soft tannins


Salice Salentino IGT 2008 (Puglia)
Warm & ripe berry fruits, a hint of spice & good concentration on the palate


Montepulicano D’Abruzzo DOC Feudi D’Albe 2007 Bove Abruzzi
Famous red wine from Abruzzi region, soft cherry Fruits & gentle tannins


Chianti DOCG Borgo Antico 2008 (Toscana)
Incredible value, with ripe fruit, good medium Bodied palate, classic sangiovese style


Primitivo Masseria Torre Rossa IGT 2009 (Puglia)
A meaty spicy red wine, similar in style to US Zinfandel with good weight


Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2008 Tedeschi (Veneto)
Classic warm style of serious Valpolicella from One of the region’s best producers


Syrah Dinari Del Duca 2006 Sicilia IGT (Sicilia)
Quite full flavoured wine from Sicily, excellent With red meats& pasta dishes


Barbera D’Asti Superiore’Le Orme’ DOC 2007 Michele Chiarlo (Piemonte)
Wonderful lighter style of red wine from one of The region’s foremost producers


Chianti Classico DOCG 2007 Bonacchi (Toscana)” DOC 2008 Collio
Classic ripe cherry fruit with elegance and Soft tannins from a very serious estate

Wines from around the World - Whites

175ml Glass / Bottle

Chardonnay 2009 Valle Dorado (Chile)
Ripe citrus fruit with hints of tropical fruit And clean unoaked style


Chenin Blanc 2009 Hazy View (South Africa)
An off dry fresh and fruity wine with good acidity, suitable for all occasions


Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (New Zealand)
Stunning example of Sauvignon from Marlborough, with clean and fresh Gooseberry fruit and crisp acidity


Pouilly Fume 2007 Domaine Tabordet (France)
Typically flinty grassy aroma for which this wine is renowned with a crisp acidity and long clean finish. From the Loire valley region


Wines from around the World - Reds

Pinotage 2008 Hazy View (South Africa)
Smoky with hints of tobacco, a full flavoured Example of this famous South African grape


Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Valle Dorado (Chile)
Cassis and a touch of cedar, soft tannins A very drinkable style from central Chile


Rioja Crianza 2007 Ondarre (Spain)
12 month of oak ageing give a little complexity, With soft tannins & fruity palate


Barossa Shiraz 2007 Barton Vineyards (Australian)
Big and powerful red with hints of spice, pepper From the home of Australian Shiraz


Rioja Reserva 2004 Ondarre (Spain)
3 years in oak add soft vanilla aromas with Ripe cherry fruit & a very elegant finish

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